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The barista profession is a difficult, but very fascinating and multifaceted work. It includes a creative approach and exact sciences, such as chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Anyone who plans to go down this path must be ready for daily experiments and discoveries. At present, this profession is especially honored, so the true virtuosos of their business devote their whole lives to studying the history of coffee, they know all the subtleties of collecting and processing coffee beans. The taste of each cup is unique and depends on a huge number of factors, such as the quality and freshness of beans, the chemical composition of water, the quality of equipment, the barista professionalism. These are just a few facets. If you fling yourself whole‑heartedly into this profession, you will find a lot of new and interesting things. Every day the barista gives people the emotions contained in the taste of a cup of coffee, but the work of a barista includes interpersonal communication as well. Therefore, the readiness to communicate and make people happy is important. A true barista is not only a coffee specialist but also an entertainer a little bit. The baristas who work in the KORZHOV team are interested in this business. They spend much time studying coffee and working with it, sharing it with guests. Baristas are able to select the desired milling and to give the guest a quality drink


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