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The history of KORJOV development

The first KORJOV bakery-confectionery opened its doors on August 28, 2013, at 17/2 Nauki Ave. – in the middle of a densely built residential area, and far from the places where it is the norm to go for "healthy" products. At that time, bakery-confectioneries were the element that was missing in the city. Then, in St. Petersburg, bakeries were only in the shopping centers. Therefore, people could not buy natural bread near the house, like in Europe. The main idea of the KORJOV founders was to improve the quality of people's lives with a daily delicious product, which they did not expect to see in such a place. In addition, the uptown is an indicator: if it works here, it does everywhere in the city.


Although a private bakery-confectionery with the European range of products in the uptown was a relatively new phenomenon, our first focus in KORJOV was not buyers but the technology. Perhaps the most difficult was to set the production in such a way that beautiful bread could be produced from domestic flour, rather than from more suitable French or German varieties.

Usage of natural leaven and Russian ingredients is slightly different from the European approaches. One of our main differences is that we decided not to use imported flour, but we use Russian flour instead. From many variations for the production, we selected flour from Stary Oskol and Kirov, which meets the requirements of the baking formula. The equipment in our bakery – manufactured by Bongard – is French, but partially designed specifically for KORJOV.


Intensive work with the audience – both promotion among local buyers and brand advertising at the city level – began about a year and a half after the opening. We almost do not use advertising on billboards and in the mass media, but we go to offices and houses around our bakeries and distribute free products. We claim that if a person tastes our product, he or she will come to us at least twice a week. And it really works better than other advertising methods.

In the summer of 2015, KORJOV opened its doors simultaneously in two districts of St. Petersburg – in the Central district at 19 Vosstaniya Str., and in the Petrogradsky district at 13 Bolshaya Zelenina Str.


At Vosstaniya Str., it was decided to cook confectionery, as well as to bake fresh buns, and at Bolshaya Zelenina Str., there is a cookery production – hearty sandwiches, pies, and salads. The startup, launched in 2013, has become a serious growing business. In 2016, KORJOV was opened in the Primorsky district – at 1 Savushkin Str. We opened the fourth bakery because we realized that this place lacks good, quality bread. Even though many bakeries have appeared in St. Petersburg recently, this market segment is still very far from saturation.


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