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Confectionery art

The word "conditer" (confectioner in Russian) originated from the Italian verb "candire", which means "to cook in sugar". In ancient times, there was no such thing as profession, but confectionery art arose a long time ago. It has been most fully developed in Italy, in Venice, when sugar appeared in the late fifteenth – early sixteenth centuries. Until then, sweets in Europe were bought from Arabs, the oldest confectioners in the world, who have known sugar since 850 A.D. Nowadays, confectionery art is very popular and does not take the last place among the popular ones. People always buy confectionery, especially when preparing for a celebration; sweets are not afraid of any crisis. The confectioner must know certain subtleties in the cooking of desserts, but the main thing is, that he must love his work, then all sweets will be made with heart. KORZHOV confectioners are the real creators. Every day they develop new desserts, fantasize with textures and ingredients, invent the decorations for cakes, and try different kinds of cream. This is true art and creativity. Thanks to their daily work there are always beautiful and natural desserts in our display cases, pleasing our guests


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