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Pastry are the pride of Korjov. The puff products we cook are creamy and tender. The whole point is - in real butter 82.5% fat content and high level of professionalism of our layered bakers. We basically do not use margarine. Why? Because only butter allows to achieve a characteristic creamy, rich taste and aroma, many air layers melting in the mouth



Most of the desserts Korjov created under the influence of the classical French school, and the recipes were developed by the confectioners "Corjova". We cook desserts with real cream, milk and butter. You will not find on the shelves a classic Napoleon or a honey-maker, after all we create our own desserts using unique recipes, a classic dessert is complemented by its zest. We supplement the sweetness of each cake with acidity, so we achieve balance and ease in                                                                                              taste.



Bread in the BUCKET we do in a real - traditional way, by hand. We use Russian flour, pure water, live yeast, our own starter, butter and salt. We do not speed up the cooking process, so it takes 7-8 hours to produce one bread from the moment of kneading the dough to laying it on the counter. So much time a baker spends so that the taste                                                        of the crumb is saturated, and the crust is crispy.



For nourishing dishes in CROWS, we carefully choose the ingredients to be confident in taste. We ourselves smoke salmon for salad, prepare homemade mayonnaise, use bread for sandwiches of our own baking, prepare a pumpkin using sous-vide technology in a vacuum for salad and make a yeastless dough for pies. Our pies with chicken and salmon are glorious in that, under a thin layer of batterless puff pastry, which we cook ourselves, a lot of stuffing. In Korzhov pies, 10% of the dough and                                                                                       90% of the filling. Tasty and honest.



The main ingredients of our drinks are coffee beans, milk, cream and ice cream, berries and fruits, tea leaves and chocolate. To completely control the process and influence the taste, we decided to roast the coffee beans ourselves. For this, in the bakery at the Rebellion in the winter of 2016, we installed a small fryer. The green grain of the variety Serrado Santos Mitsui is brought to us from Brazil. The cup of our espresso has a nutty aroma and a bright chocolate-caramel taste with a slight sourness. We never overcook coffee, so there is no                                                                                                                   bitterness in it.


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