Bakery on Moskovsky

Moskovsky prospect starts from the very heart of St. Petersburg - Sennaya Square and runs to the Victory Park, passing through the most memorable sights of the city. The length of the avenue is 9.5 km which is the record length for our city. If it’s not your first time in the city and you’ve had enough walking along the Nevsky Prospekt, then the excellent solution to choose Moskovsky Prospect, as a route for walking, so you can learn a lot about the city and look at it from an unknown side. The first thing you will see on your way is the Obukhov Square, named after the bridge of the same name, which at the moment is one of the oldest bridges in the city at the moment, in the middle of the XVIII there was a horse market on the site of the square, over time, there was a clothing market, which in our days, during the week, towards Nevsky Prospekt. The next direction: "Technolozhka». It is the same station, which connects the red and blue line of the subway. The Technical University was founded by Emperor Nicholas I about 200-hundred years ago and was engaged in the training of qualified specialists in chemistry, physics, cybernetics and engineering. The University is famous for its outstanding graduates: the creators of the airmobile, one of the creators of American television, the first laureates of the Ludwig 

Nobel Prize in Russia, and also the creator of the "Periodic Law of Chemical Elements" - D.I. Mendeleev. The next stop is the Moscow Triumphal Gate - a landmark that will impress you. It was ascended during 1834-1838, in honor of the end of the war between Russia and Persia. The project was designed by one of the most famous architects VV. Stasov, who decided that all parts of the gate should be different from cast iron, which for a whole century served as a "guard" for the borders of Leningrad for a whole century. Today the Moscow Gates are considered to be the world's largest architectural structure, assembled from cast iron parts. The height of the gate is 23 meters, length 36 meters. It was not by chance that we chose to open the our bakery exactly on Moskovsky Prospekt, we wanted to unite guests from different cities and countries, residents of neighborhood, students hurrying to classes, loving couples who slowly walk around the city. We wanted to give them a break from their everyday routine, give them a chance to relax in a modern but cozy interior. We wanted to please them with desserts and natural buns, presenting sincere smiles and a good mood for the whole day. In the bakery at Moskovsky Prospect, we decided to go a little further and introduced an extended menu, with hot dishes, salads and crispy Italian bruschettes. Now in "Korzhov" you can have a healthy breakfast, coffee break or tasty dinner.


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