Копия ПЕКАРНИ НА НАУКИ | korjov

Bakery on Nauki ave.

Bakery on 17/2 Nauki Ave. is the place where the history of KORJOV began. The first bakery-confectionery opened its doors on August 28, 2013 – in the middle of a densely built residential area and far from the places where it is the norm to go for "healthy" products. Local residents: retirees and homemakers, many of whom have never heard of the fashion for all natural, have become guests of the new shop.


The whole bakery together with the production workshop, retail space, and mini-café occupies 200 square meters on the first floor of a building in the residential district of St. Petersburg. We bake here all bread and puff pastry – special buns with natural butter. During the existence of KORZHOV on Nauki Avenue, 80% of the local residents became regular guests of the bakery. Many of them have been visiting the bakery since the opening; they are more than just guests. There is a cozy, warm atmosphere of a home bakery here, where guests openly and sincerely communicate with the hostesses, share news, come with children, arrange "family gatherings" on weekends, and buy bread daily. We put the tables on the street, so that bakery visitors can enjoy delicious dishes outdoors in warm weather.


At the end of December 2016, before the New Year, we updated the interior of the bakery, making it even more comfortable – we put up soft couches and chairs, renewed the tables, among which now there is a large communal table for a family or a company, hung the lamps in the home style, and renewed the children's corner. Now the youngest guests can choose activities of their interest – drawing, use an abacus, or play with toys. On Fridays we organize delicious tastings of novelties for the guests of the bakery. 


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