Bakery on Savushkin Str.

Bakery on 1 Savushkin Str. is located in Primorsky district, just opposite Chyornaya Rechka metro station. It was opened in May 2016. Before Savushkin Street  appeared on the city maps, several different driveways were located in its place, usually named after the owners of summer cottages. From 1849 to 1868, part of the street from the Chyornaya Rechka (the Black River in Russian) to the building No.10 was named Izotovskaya and then – Ferzensky or Ferzin Lane. The lane skirted around the park at the Saltykov's summer cottage along the arc and went out to the Bolshaya Nevka River; the walkway between Savushkin Street and Primorsky Prospekt is marked with this name on some modern maps. Part of Savushkin Street was called Novaya Prorezka (New Cutting). On July 10, 1950, all the sections were merged into one highway and named Savushkin Street – in memory of the Hero of the Soviet Union, the fighter pilot A. P. Savushkin.


The place where it was decided to open a bakery is a large urban transport hub. The streams of people diverge in different directions from here – to the city center, to the north to the Kalininsky and Vyborgsky districts, to Sestroretsk and Kronstadt. In addition, this is a fairly large residential area. There are very different guests here – someone works nearby, someone hurries to the center and takes buns to go, someone lives nearby, someone is going to rest on the Gulf of Finland in Kurortny district and buys fresh croissants. This district really lacked quality bread, so KORZHOV is valued a lot here. The bakery interior was conceived to be light, open, but at the same time stylish and modern. When you leave the metro, you can immediately see its large windows and what is happening inside the bakery.  In the summer season, we attach a terrace to the bakery and conduct open-air tastings


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