KORJOV on 19 Vosstaniya Str. – it is the very city centre, where citizens and guests of the Northern capital like to walk, that’s why the bakery’s format is more modern here ­– its stylish interior with black walls, where the KORZHOV basic principles are written in chalk, suits to the citizens' taste.


However, the building where the bakery is located, has a historical value and is an object of cultural heritage. Building No. 19, that architect G. Kosyakov built in 1904-1906 in Art Nouveau style, was an apartment house of P. Badaev or, as it is called in another way, "Angel’s House". The house was called that way because of the interesting bas-relief that decorates the house, which depicts that very angel guarding the building against troubles.


People buy a lot of puff pastry and drink a lot of flavorful coffee. We roast coffee beans in full view of our guests – there is a small roasting machine in the bakery. There is also a confectionery shop, where we cook desserts – cakes, pastries, tarts, and deliver them fresh to other bakeries every morning.


The bakery is popular among young people, active users of social networks, tourists, and among local residents. In the summer season, we conduct outdoor tastings and put tables near the entrance so our guests can enjoy both the weather and a cup of coffee made of fresh roast beans at the same time.

Bakery on Vosstaniya Str.


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