KORJOV bakery-confectionery on Bolshaya Zelenina Str. is situated directly opposite Chkalovskaya metro station – you can quickly feed your hunger here, it's some kind of fast food in a good way. Bolshaya Zelenina Street connects the Petrograd Side and the Krestovsky Island.


The street was laid for transporting gunpowder from the plant located at the entering of the Karpovka River to Malaya Nevka River and it was leading to the Peter and Paul Fortress. The word with the spelling "zelye" (potion in Russian) meant gunpowder, that's why the street was named Zeleynaya. In 1801, the plant was closed, and the name of the street gradually acquired the name Zelenina. Building No. 13 was built in 1899-1900 by design of M. Geisler. The building in eclectic style looks beautiful and sound, there is no hint of poverty, although earlier in this house the Mariinsky Institute of Blind Girls for 25 persons was situated. The pupils learned to read Braille, geography, arithmetic, history, music, and singing. In addition, they studied crafts: wove baskets and manufactured brushes. Here was located "Isidorovsky House of the Crippled" for 136 persons. It was intended for the charity of disabled and elderly women. Only representatives of privileged classes could get into it. Also a clinic, a dispensary, and a pharmacy were opened here.


There was also an office of "All-Russian sobriety bulletin" magazine in the 1910s. In 1919, the People's Court of the Petrograd District worked here.

When the bakery was opened, one of the main tasks was to create a sufficient number of seats, as there was no alternative to eating nearby, which means that the flow of guests was expected to be large. Today, there are many offices in this area; there are residential quarters, that’s why a special atmosphere has been created over the time of the bakery’s operation. Guests come here for lunch break, take hot coffee to go, hold business meetings, local people buy natural bread to take home. Many people have already become regular visitors to the bakery.


In the bakery at Zelenina Str., there is a production of cookery – hearty sandwiches, salads, and pies. We cook special sausages, homemade mayonnaise, make smoked salmon for salad, prepare original sandwiches here. We offer breakfast with cereal in the morning, and hot delicious soup at lunch.

Bakery on Zelenina Str.


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