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Bread baking is the same art as, for example, painting, or sculpture. In ancient times, the profession of "baker" assumed high skills and spirituality. Bakers put their heart into their products, and that's why this craft was highly respected. The first baking masters were ordinary women – preservers of the hearth. Women took care of their family and cooked cereal and flatbreads for home meals. Today this type of activity goes back to the roots, gradually gaining more and more popularity. Baking still requires diligence and industriousness, so the baker who works at KORZHOV is a master of his craft. Our bakers wake up very early to have time to knead dough and bake fresh bread for dinner. The incisions made by bakers on bread are the author's signature. Our baker, like an artist, knows and loves his work, puts his heart into it, thanks to which bread and buns are so delicious and fragrant. 


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