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Cooks mastery

The cook's profession is for all time. This is the oldest form of activity, which has been developing  along with civilization. The history of human development from the most ancient times to the present day saw unprecedented ups and downs of cooks’ mastery. Some time food was praised to the skies, considering it one of the best pleasures, another time it was treated almost with contempt, believing that even talking about food and dishes "is unworthy of a true gentleman." World cookery has created tens of thousands of dishes in its history. People passed the cooking experience from generation to generation. They carefully kept all the traditions associated with food, understanding that food is the basis of life, health, and well-being.

Not only professional cooking specialists participated in the development of cookery, but also many scientists, philosophers, political leaders. And to this day the cook's profession is highly valued by people worldwide. This is a creative profession, but it requires maximum accuracy and attention. Our cooks prepare a variety of dishes, they are able to beautifully decorate and make them appetizing, constantly reflect on new menu positions, offer their ideas for implementation, understand technical innovations. The KORZHOV's cooks are patient, observant and benevolent; these qualities help them to be real professionals in their business


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