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Sincere service

In our understanding, service is the guest servicing through good-natured communication and the desire to help them make a choice, and make their day better, because the corporate slogan of our company is "Making life better." Our goal is to serve in such a way, so that the guest will come back to us with positive emotions and for them. That's why in our bakeries we have hostesses, not sellers and cashiers. Hostesses welcome guests as if they come home – with good humor and smile. The hostess prepares the bakery for the opening, lays out all the products in the display case in time, keeps the bakery clean, serves the guests and communicates sincerely with them. For our team we choose enthusiastic people committed to their job, who want to work and develop together with the company.

Thanks to the people working in our team, many of our guests have become frequent guests, many of them come to us from the very beginning, since the opening of the first bakery, and we are proud of it.


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